About Us

Real Estate Ryerson is the official course union for the newly developed Real Estate Management major offered at the Ted Rogers School of Management. 

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It is our responsibility to act as the representative body for all students enrolled in our unique program. We strive to embody all sectors of the industry, including but not limited to residential and commercial sales, property development, property management, appraisal, urban and environmental planning, investment analysis and financing. Keeping up with the most current and relevant information is of the utmost importance to our organization. This is what provides our competitive edge in understanding trends within a very dynamic industry.

At Real Estate Ryerson, we strongly believe that the passion and dedication we put in is rewarded back to our members in the form of inspiration, experience, and opportunities.

Real Estate Ryerson goes beyond critical and innovative thinking; our goals are to initiate and implement as we strive to connect industry professionals and external organizations with the top real estate talent at Ryerson University. Our organization teaches all members practical employment skills that are necessary to building a meaningful career within the real estate industry.




Real Estate Ryerson acts as the official course union for the Real Estate Management major at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Our mission is to advance interests in the various aspects of real estate. The organization desires to establish itself as a hub for the education and proliferation of practical job skills required to build a successful career grounded in the real estate sector. The organization further seeks to act as the vessel that connects students with a common and professional interest in real estate through a series of programs, events, and initiatives undergone throughout the school year.

The organization’s primary objective is to better the lives and university experience of the students we represent and engage