Haniya Masood is a fourth year Real Estate Management student and has been working at Digreen Homes and Digram Development since 2016. She started off as an associate on RER and is now Vice President of Administration. Her curiosity and enthusiasm about skylines, and her family background in the real estate industry, is what lead her to choose Real Estate Management as her major. Her realistic yet unconventional approach of thinking allows her to aspire for bigger and better things in life. She has always been very strong in what she believes in and continues to stand up for what she wants. In Real Estate Ryerson, she aims to be a reliable and hardworking member, continue to learn new things, and grasp onto new knowledge and experiences. Her personal goals are to continue being a genuine and dependable member, enjoy the people and environment around her, be dedicated and compassionate about the work she does, and to continue to grow as a person. Outside of work and academics, Haniya likes to go swimming, shopping, try new restaurants, spend time with her friends and family, and binge watch new shows.