Liam Cassidy is currently in his third year of study in the Real Estate Management major at the Ted Rogers School of Management. After founding and selling a brick and mortar retail business in the downtown core, Liam became fascinated with the multifaceted industry that is real estate. Through Liam’s experience as a business owner, he was able to gain first hand insight into the vitality of real estate to small and large businesses alike. Liam has been accepted into the Ted Rogers co-op program, and looks forward to gaining exposure to the various roles within the industry. As Co-Vice President of Corporate Relations, Liam’s goal for Real Estate Ryerson is to establish lasting connections with industry professionals, in order to provide students in the Real Estate Management major with the connections and skills they need to excel professionally. Outside of academia, Liam enjoys playing sports, spending time with family, and collecting many kinds of memorabilia.

liam cassidy

vice president of corporate relations