Olivia Stewart is a third year Real Estate Management (REM) major currently employed at Colliers International. As Executive Vice President, Olivia oversees the Marketing and Events portfolios. She is determined to establish best practices, develop a positive team culture, and ensure that RER not only maintains the quality of it’s initiatives, but improves from previous years. In addition to her involvement on RER, Olivia also acts as an effective liaison between the students and faculty, as well as an ambassador to the program in the perspective of industry through being involved on several councils including the Real Estate Management Curriculum Committee, the Real Estate Management Department, the Real Estate Management Advisory Council, and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) as a Student Representative. For Olivia, joining RER has remarkably enhanced her university experience since it has allowed her to connect with students and professionals with mutual interests.  She hopes to engage students from a university-wide scope, increase awareness of the program within the industry, and to strengthen industry involvement in RER initiatives.